The Ultimate DJI Inspire 2 Safety Fix

We designed this product after hearing about dozens of cases in which the Inspire 2 has fallen during flight. This happens due to poor cohesion between the rotors and the carbon structure.

This problem has caused damage to surrounding objects, people and to the drone itself. The Safety Fix System solves all problems related to the Inspire 2 rotor vibration issue. This patent pending solution is engineered and designed in Italy by Atellani.

It solves two main issues:

1. It prevents rotors from detaching from the craft

2. It blocks the rotors in place during flight, preventing the craft from crashing

Ultimadrone has solved these issues. Its brilliant design requires only 2 screws!

The kit includes the fix for BOTH arms.

Our team of expert designers and mechanical engineers have come up with a perfect solution. Ultimadrone is easy to mount and light-weight. It seamlessly blends in with the design of the Inspire 2.

Limited offer for only:

USD$ 149

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Tech Specs

Total weight: 110g

PA12 Plastic
Blued Aluminum 6061
Blued Steel 10.9 Screws


Every kit includes

  • Quickstart guide
  • All necessary parts for BOTH arms
  • Tools
  • Screws
  • Anti-vibration Neoprene Strips
  • Packaging

Watch the video

Press play to take a look at how our Ultimadrone Kit can effectively solve the issues of your DJI Inspire 2.

Don't waste any more time putting your Inspire 2 at risk.
Get your Ultimadrone today.

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