“Hi Guys, my Ultimadrone kit arrived today and I’m well pleased. It only took 10 minutes to attach everything, absolutely no modifications to the Inspire 2 required at all, everything attaches perfectly and is very well manufactured. In case you are interested, here are pictures of the kit and fitting it …
Anyway, I have great peace of mind now that the bracing kit it fitted.
There is absolutely no way for a motor housing to come detached during flight, and also the bracing rods apply pre-tension to the motor housings which will eliminate any tendency for them to vibrate or come loose in the first place. The kit looks superb and if no-one knew better it looks like this is the way the Inspire 2 should have been designed in the first place.

@Elektrica Atellani@ my congratulations and thanks for doing a first class job designing and manufacturing these!”


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